Serafina - WHS 2020

Oh Serafina... where to begin. I actually first met Sera and her family back when I started coaching all star cheerleading in 2012. She was this quiet, "tall" and lanky little thing who I couldn't stand flying in one of the back stunts and boy was I tough on her. Her Mom, Erin, was THE best though and had my back 100%. So I knew her and I were going to get along just fine, lol. Sera was a great athlete, she just needed a tough reminder from time to time that she was. Fast forward to now, she is on a World's Level 6 competitive team and just amazing at what she does. I consider myself so lucky to have watched her grow up into this beautiful young woman. I've gotten to see her go from the awkward, "how do I wear make up?" phase into this. Getting to be a part of anyones life in such a way is amazing. But I get to document it, in her best light.

So if you get anything from browsing through Sera's session, I hope you see her heart. Her strength as an athlete and how whole she is as a person. And to Serafina, I know this isn't the end of where I get to see you go. You will do amazing, wonderful things in life. Love you girl <3

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